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The hills of Africa are alive…with GRASS SKIS?

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One year ago, the “Snow Leopard” graced the slopes at the 2010 Winter Olympics. This achievement by Kwame Acheampong, from Ghana, was epic. He qualified for the Olympics as an alpine downhill racer after learning to ski a mere 5 years earlier. Not only that, but his native country has never even experienced snow. You’d think this achievement alone would offer plenty of satisfaction. But not for Kwame. Kwame’s determination is rare, even among Olympians, and he is not merely in it for himself. The Olympics is just the beginning of his dream. His real mission is to have more Africans represented on the slopes at future Winter Olympics and he’s now setting to work to make that happen.

To find out more about his incredible plans, I caught up with him on Mount Washington, where he recently returned to discuss his plans with his new partner, Tourism Mount Washington.

What’s his plan? He’s building a ski slope in balmy Ghana. Africa’s first ski training camp — where African athletes can train using grass skis and “dry slopes” made out of carpet! Thanks to Kwame’s partnership with Tourism Mount Washington, athletes who qualify after sufficient training on grass or carpet slopes will advance to training on one of the world’s greatest snow packs, at Mount Washington.

This man is a legend. You won’t want to miss my interview with him!

My Polar Bear dip!!! Brrrr…..

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This year marks the 91st year of one of the oldest and coldest Polar Bear swim meets in the world. A record turnout of over 2,300 swimmers, many in wacky costumes braved the frigid waters of Vancouver on New Years Day.

I must be crazy, because I joined in, AGAIN…. Now, which way to Hawaii???