Baja California’s Off Road Warriors

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Along the Baja California Peninsula, people live and breath off roading. Here, off roading is not merely a sport. It IS life. And this time of year, check any local’s calender and there’s sure to be an off road even penciled in almost every week!

It’s hardly surprising then that the first recorded, organized off road event was held here in 1955 — in the La Paz / Cabo San Lucas area. With sponsors and cash prizes, it basically laid the path for the hundreds of off road races occurring around the world today. The sport is so big that some people spend nearly 1 million dollars on their race cars! But it’s not only a rich man’s sport, I’m told. Nearly everyone along the Baja has some type of car, truck or bike for off roading fun.

Hearing about the bone jiggling good times these guys are having in the backroads of Cabo San Lucas, I quickly bored with my Jeep when I was driving around paved Cabo during a recent trip!! So, I searched out “the man” on the Baja off road scene, Norman Cesena. He has his hands in almost every off road event. With a little shameless begging on my part, I convinced these hard-core off roaders to let me hit the dirt with them…

Get buckled in and watch this!

El Pato Rojo Off Road


Britian’s newest “Crown Jewels”: Official Royal Wedding CONDOM Souvenirs?

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These “condoms of distinction” apparently contain this disclaimer: “a novelty product and may not be suitable as a contraceptive or barrier against sexually transmitted diseases.”

Just read the CNN article


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I came across this video, and it leaves me speechless. Seriously SPEECHLESS. And I’m a guy who likes to talk!

Some people think they have it rough…but CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE doing this? What’s even more astonishing is how non-fussed this guy is about it! It seems to be just another day, another dollar…. It’s no matter that he’s surrounded by hundreds of deadly cobras, a few of them looking ripe for a strike at any second as he just tosses them aside so he can go about his business sweeping!! WOW.

This is UNREAL!!!

You must watch it. I’d LOVE to interview this guy!

I want to “sleep with the fishies”…LITERALLY

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This is the Maldives Rangali Island Hilton hotel


GETTING PERCY-nal: My answers to some FAQs

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Why do you like traveling so much?
Well, for many reasons… I grew up in a cold, rainy place and I think I have some kind of seasonal rain disorder because after about a month of cold, grey rain I just can’t stand it anymore. So, for that reason alone, I like to get out of Dodge!Then there’s also that aspect of “Myth Busting” that I enjoy. People tend to label destinations as good or bad, often based on all of the false information or exaggerated rumors floating around. I like to see for myself and then, through my reports on the way things really are, I like to get busy shedding the light on the places that get a bad rap when they really don’t deserve it.

What kind of traveler are you?
I find I’m just as comfortable in a 2 star as a 7 star. So, I’m not sure what that makes me. A bit of a chameleon traveler, I guess? I try to blend into whatever situation I am in… Although, I’ve never been much for roughing it in the woods… I really enjoy my showers, even cold ones. Although, I have slept a night in an igloo!

What’s the favorite place you’ve visited?
I get asked that a lot and of course it’s all very subjective. Much has to do with the mood I’m in when I get asked. But, to make it simpler, I recently came up with a standard short answer…and that would be The Seychelles. It’s hands down one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever visited?

Timbuktu just because it’s such an iconic name in and of itself. There’s not much there of course, except a ton of “I’ve been to Timbuktu” T-shirt shops…

What’s the quirkiest event you’ve reported about?

Probably has to be the Fire throwers  of Nejapa in El Salvador, but I did visit the first Condom Factory in the world in Erfurt Germany and it is certainly a close second!!  Those Germans are sure good at manufacturing almost everything.

Favorite reports?
My interview with CANCER (the person, or at least the actor playing  the character of “cancer”) and my interview with Bailey Jr., the 1600 pound “pet bison”!! Coincidentally, I filmed both of these exceptional stories in Alberta, Canada!  

What’s the most EXTREME adventure you’ve ever had?
Jumping off Canaima Falls in Venezuela on a hang glider with a guy who didn’t really have a lot of experience. I think we were the last people permitted to do this because the Government just deemed it insane after we did it. I think they made a good decision.

What’s the worst travel experience you’ve ever had?

From my experience…Moscow is consistently one of my worst experiences — rude people, horrible service, ridiculously over priced everything… and last time I was there, they had the record heat wave and out of control fires smoking out the city. It’s just never a good time for me there!

If someone offered you a private jet to go anywhere in the world at this very moment, where’d you go?

Seychelles!! With refueling stops in London and a little side trip to Madagascar!

What FIVE places would you say everyone must visit at least once in a lifetime?

Seychelles, Madagascar, Iguazu Falls, Guatemala (Peten region, with the Mayan ruins), Tanzania

Any words of encouragement for your followers?

Get packing!!! The world awaits!

Learning to Surf in El Salvador

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I stayed at Paradizo Azul, Playa El Sunzal when I was in El Salvador a few months back, and Javier, the place’s GM and pro surfer taught me to surf! I can’t say I’m a pro yet — by ANY stretch of the imagination. Not even close. But it was a whole load of fun!!!

On my plane ride back from El Salvador, I was sitting next to a couple young 30 something businessmen from Southern California. They were on their way back from surfing at El Sunzal and Punta Roca. Turns out they fly down down to El Salvador almost once a month! And they are not the only ones so committed to El Salvador’s waves. El Salvador has a culture of followers flocking to ride its waves! Shows how little I know about surfing because I thought the waves in Cali were fairly good. And some must be, as it does have a pretty big surf culture, after all. But “fairly good” doesn’t cut it if you are a surf lover! As Javier told me, and as these guys confirmed, the waves in El Salvador are some of the best in the world! So, people come from all over the world to catch some “juicy” waves (Javier speak).  Punta Roca is often compared to Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa, and Las Flores is often compared to Rincon in California! Luckily, there are some great beginner waves around El Sunzal where it was safe for me, and those other beginners out there, to take to El Salvador’s friendly waters.

(Watch for the video coming soon, as part of a bit I’m putting together about some of Central America’s best adventures!)

If you go down to El Salvador’s beautiful coast yourself, look for Javier hanging out at the Kayu Bar & Grill. (By the way, the food and VIEWS there are exceptional, so you’ll enjoy it even if you are a non-surfer!).

Tell Javier that Percy sent you!

Don’t forget to check out my guide to El Salvador!

Me and my surfboard. Yeah, I’m a poser…

With Javier, Paradizo’s General Manager (and Surfer Extraordinaire)!


Dreaming in Cacti

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I’ve always loved Cacti. I had a chance to see a large collection just outside the town of Cabo San Lucas Mexico at a Cactus Museum. Even their plant class of “succulents” evokes a sense of the exotic. In this video story, I wanted to create a unique, creative diary featuring my interpretation of exotic colours and sound.

One of the most highly evolved species of plants in the world. Unapproachable, yet spectacularly beautiful when in their rare period of bloom.

With few exceptions, the vast majority of cacti in habitat almost always are found growing in mineral based soils.

The bodies of many cacti have become thickened during the course of  evolution. They form water-retentive tissue that is in the optimal shape  of a sphere or cylinder (combining highest possible volume with lowest  possible surface area). By reducing its surface area, the body of the  plant is also protected against excessive sunlight.

The intense psychoactive properties of some Cacti have been used by natives for ceremonial purposes for hundreds of years.

See Cactus like you’ve never seen before!


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