Yes, you read right! This place is AWESOME!

I had all that and more when I dined recently at “Lutherstube” or “Luther’s Cellar” in Erfurt, Germany!

It’s a medieval dining experience straight from the times of Martin Luther. And the experience, at wood tables, on straw floors (as you’ll see in these photos) was extraordinary. And I really mean that, I’m not just throwing that term around. I mean, the waiter had a pet rat!! And he brought it to the table!! And to make the experience more entertaining, the night had a fun challenge to it…the waiter — the one with that incredible pet rat  — played the part of a miserable medieval man and, well, if we could get him to smile, drinks were on the house! Well, needless to say, we weren’t successful despite out best efforts! Apparently, he hasn’t smiled for 4 years! But we sure had a blast trying, and petting that crazy little rat!!

For a dining experience and a half, I highly encourage you to check this place out next time you’re in that neck of Germany! Yeah, the place may be a bit “ratty” — haha — but that’s it’s whole charm! (For the record, it’s just the one, clean, well-kept pet rat you’ll ever see.) ; > )

Here’s a few of the videos I produced while in the area:
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