Slovenia really knows good, aged grapes!

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Slovenia is an amazing nation and the people there really feel the LOVE for the country’s wine (and there’s LOTS of it)!! It’s little wonder that it shares a border with Italy… and though I may not be the world’s expert on wine, I do love the stuff and I think that I “personally” prefer Slovene wine to Italian wine!

You’ll have to go visit the country to see if you agree!!

Here’s Percy’s report on The Oldest Grape Vine on the Planet! Maribor, Slovenia


Some seriously cool looking Spring chicks!!

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Over the Easter weekend, I read about these eggs that this woman in the US who injects with food coloring in order to have them hatch into an array of rainbow coloured chickens. Apparently, she’s not the only one as I found a multitude of articles about others doing the same!

At first, I had the reaction that most people do… “Is this safe for the poor little ones?” Well, turns out it is perfectly safe and even scientific! Researchers often inject eggs with colourants to help identify batches when the chickens hatch! And as the chicks grow into adults, the colour fades and they look normal.


Here’s an article about the colored egg process from the University of Nebraska:

World’s TOP 25 Hotels

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I do agree with much of Travel and Leisure’s World’s TOP 25 Hotels list…there are certainly some outstanding hotels on that list. Their list is heavily dominated by Africa and the U.S though. I’d like to see a bit more diversity on their list. I did like that they included a Mexico City property. Mexico City is an incredible city, and is heavily underrated!

Of course, any list is highly subjective. So, here’s MY personal TOP 5 WORLD HOTELS list:

The 007 of hotel towels?

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Pilfered hotel towels with built in tracking devices??

Apparently, hotels in Manhattan, Miami and Honolulu are sewing chips into their towels, bathrobes and sheets to curb nearly $16,000 in monthly linen losses!

Britian’s newest “Crown Jewels”: Official Royal Wedding CONDOM Souvenirs?

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These “condoms of distinction” apparently contain this disclaimer: “a novelty product and may not be suitable as a contraceptive or barrier against sexually transmitted diseases.”

Just read the CNN article

Man dies after falling into pasta machine?

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Not much more I can say other than that this is a sad, sad freak accident. Poor guy.

Note to self: Don’t do a story on pasta making. Dangerous!!

A 26-year-old man is dead after he fell into a machine while working at a Toronto pasta factory on Monday.Source: More

via Anacristina79’s Blog

The plight in flight of the TALL GUY…

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This post is inspired by a recent Sympatico article about dealing with height in standard airline seats…

I’m not the guy in this article, but this basically IS my reality every time I travel, unless I book first class…

From the Sympatico article: “A 6’9” passenger was removed from a Horizon Air flight because he didn’t fit into his assigned seat… According to the Consumerist website, the passenger was a frequent flying MD who always tries to book a seat in the exit row of the plane in order to give his legs extra room. He was unable to reserve a similar seat for this flight as they were previously booked. The passenger made several appeals to get his seat changed, on the phone and at the gate before boarding the plane. His requests were denied and he was told that his long limbs were now the flight attendants’ problem…”

READ the FULL Sympatico article about the tall guy getting kicked off of a flight!

I know EXACTLY how this guy felt!! In all of my travels, at 6’5″ I’ve gone through similar discomfort and blame far too many times myself! While I haven’t been kicked off a plane…YET, I’ve certainly been blamed for something that surely is not in my control…my long limbs!

I’m curious what your thoughts are about this? Read the article and write a comment for me below…

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