Baja California’s Off Road Warriors

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Along the Baja California Peninsula, people live and breath off roading. Here, off roading is not merely a sport. It IS life. And this time of year, check any local’s calender and there’s sure to be an off road even penciled in almost every week!

It’s hardly surprising then that the first recorded, organized off road event was held here in 1955 — in the La Paz / Cabo San Lucas area. With sponsors and cash prizes, it basically laid the path for the hundreds of off road races occurring around the world today. The sport is so big that some people spend nearly 1 million dollars on their race cars! But it’s not only a rich man’s sport, I’m told. Nearly everyone along the Baja has some type of car, truck or bike for off roading fun.

Hearing about the bone jiggling good times these guys are having in the backroads of Cabo San Lucas, I quickly bored with my Jeep when I was driving around paved Cabo during a recent trip!! So, I searched out “the man” on the Baja off road scene, Norman Cesena. He has his hands in almost every off road event. With a little shameless begging on my part, I convinced these hard-core off roaders to let me hit the dirt with them…

Get buckled in and watch this!

El Pato Rojo Off Road


Have you seen a 4,500 POUND Marlin??

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The WORLD RECORD (1976) for largest Marlin ever caught by a commercial fisherman was 4500 pounds.

And did you know that Marlins are what put Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the map? This now uber-lux community, frequented by celebs, began as a little sport fishing town. And if you wander down the docks, amid the VIP yachts, you’ll notice that this little town remains a major sportsfishing hub, with some of the major fish catches daily!


While the largest marlin wasn’t caught there, the fish remains a HUGE source of pride for the community as the locals truly value the very fish that literally birthed the town and its sportfishing industry. And recently, some locals (led by Tracy Ehrenberg, GM at Pisces Sportfishing) had a life-sized replica of the WORLD’S LARGEST MARLIN made and donated to the city, as a statue in “her” mighty Marlin’s honor.

I was lucky enough to be in Cabo for the HUGE statue’s unveiling and all I can say is wow, that’d make a lot of sushi! But actually, that wouldn’t really be the case, as Cabo has a catch and release sportfishing policy so the fish are always released again once documented.

A Mexico “Percy’s Picks” is also a Conde Nast Traveler Top Pick!!

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If you check out my Percy’s Picks menu and look up Mexico, you’ll note that I recommend Journey Mexico as a THE best company to deal with for an amazing, authentic Mexico trip. Founder, Zachary Rabinor, knows his stuff and is incredibly well connected throughout Mexico. Well, it turns out Conde Nast Traveler thinks he’s pretty great too, and it has just awarded him as Conde Nast Villa Specialist for 2011. The list was curated by none other than world travel authority, Wendy Perrin!

I guess that’s reassurance I know what I’m talking about? ūüėČ

Dreaming in Cacti

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I’ve always loved Cacti. I had a chance to see a large collection just outside the town of Cabo San Lucas Mexico at a Cactus Museum. Even their plant class of “succulents” evokes a sense of the exotic. In this video story, I wanted to create a unique, creative diary featuring my interpretation of exotic colours and sound.

One of the most highly evolved species of plants in the world. Unapproachable, yet spectacularly beautiful when in their rare period of bloom.

With few exceptions, the vast majority of cacti in habitat almost always are found growing in mineral based soils.

The bodies of many cacti have become thickened during the course of  evolution. They form water-retentive tissue that is in the optimal shape  of a sphere or cylinder (combining highest possible volume with lowest  possible surface area). By reducing its surface area, the body of the  plant is also protected against excessive sunlight.

The intense psychoactive properties of some Cacti have been used by natives for ceremonial purposes for hundreds of years.

See Cactus like you’ve never seen before!


More mentions of my Mexico City Mayoral Interview

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The Mexico city interview: