Chillin’ with INCREDIBLE ice carvers at Chateau Lake Louise

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I stopped by “Ice Magic” to watch the ice chips fly in Alberta, Canada…and to find out more about the fascinating international sport of ice carving.

Ice Carving is an intensely competitive sport. Under strict supervision and tight time-lines, teams compete.

Ice carving is done using special, and very expensive ice blocks (at $100 each). Carvers use a combination of improvised wood carving and home appliances. You must watch this! They work fast and they take their craft very seriously.

The “cool” report is here:


Igloo Building 101 in…where else? CANADA!

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In case you ever find yourself with too much snow this winter, learn how to build an igloo!

I slept the night in the igloo I built! The sleeping platform is a raised area. Because warmer air rises and cooler air settles, the entrance area acts as a cold trap whereas the sleeping area will hold whatever heat is generated by a stove, lamp or body heat. A cup of hot cocoa is warmly welcomed, though. 🙂

My Polar Bear dip!!! Brrrr…..

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This year marks the 91st year of one of the oldest and coldest Polar Bear swim meets in the world. A record turnout of over 2,300 swimmers, many in wacky costumes braved the frigid waters of Vancouver on New Years Day.

I must be crazy, because I joined in, AGAIN…. Now, which way to Hawaii???