Good food, smiles (maybe), dancing and…a RAT?

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Yes, you read right! This place is AWESOME!

I had all that and more when I dined recently at “Lutherstube” or “Luther’s Cellar” in Erfurt, Germany!

It’s a medieval dining experience straight from the times of Martin Luther. And the experience, at wood tables, on straw floors (as you’ll see in these photos) was extraordinary. And I really mean that, I’m not just throwing that term around. I mean, the waiter had a pet rat!! And he brought it to the table!! And to make the experience more entertaining, the night had a fun challenge to it…the waiter — the one with that incredible pet rat  — played the part of a miserable medieval man and, well, if we could get him to smile, drinks were on the house! Well, needless to say, we weren’t successful despite out best efforts! Apparently, he hasn’t smiled for 4 years! But we sure had a blast trying, and petting that crazy little rat!!

For a dining experience and a half, I highly encourage you to check this place out next time you’re in that neck of Germany! Yeah, the place may be a bit “ratty” — haha — but that’s it’s whole charm! (For the record, it’s just the one, clean, well-kept pet rat you’ll ever see.) ; > )

Here’s a few of the videos I produced while in the area:
Martin Luther King Jr’s German origin?
Bach’s 326th Birthday
World’s First Automobile


Monster Bunnies For North Korea

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(a re-post of another blog, “Terryorisms”)

I know this is quite an old blog post, but I just came across it and I JUST COULD NOT help but re-post it. SERIOUSLY. Is this for real????? And is he still breeding these monsters? If so, I want to meet him!

Monster Bunnies For North Korea Fat German Rabbits to Feed Poor: Monster Bunnies For North Korea – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News An east German pensioner who breeds rabbits the size of dogs has been asked by North Korea to help set up a big bunny farm to alleviate food shortages in the communist country. Now journalists and rabbit gourmets from around the world are thumping at his door. It all started when Karl Szmolinsky won a prize for breeding Germany’s largest rabbi … Read More

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Hey, it’s BACH’s 326th Birthday!

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Wow, he’s old!

Considered by many to be “the greatest composer of all time,” the man, the legend, Johann Sebastian Bach would be 326… that is, IF were still alive today. Which he’s not. So, I guess I can’t criticize his age!

BUT… his music definitely lives on!!

His music has actually reached unparalleled musical career heights! His songs have literally been launched into outer space. Astronauts on the Voyager spacecraft missions brought a selection of his songs with them, as one of the earth’s greatest treasures, saying that it made them proud to be able to show off his talents… to not only the world, but to the universe. So, for all we know, we earthlings may not be the only ones humming those timeless Bach melodies..

So, where did it all begin for Bach?

My Bach video:

Before he developed into the esteemed composer we all remember him as today, he was a devout student of music and an organist. So, I visited Bach House (known in Germany as Bachhaus) in Eisenach, Germany to learn more about this legend’s beginnings…and I even tried out one of his very special organs.

The automobile turns 125!!

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It is generally accepted by historians that the first car with an internal combustion engine (as used by today’s cars), is that of Carl Benz. It was a three wheeler first produced on January, 29th 1886.

Join me for a few fascinating, fact filled minutes to see and drive this amazing automobile as it celebrates 125 years of astounding automobile history.

Interesting Fact:
In August 1888, William Steinway, owner of Steinway & Sons piano factory, talked to Benz’s competitor, Daimler about US manufacturing rights and by September they had a deal. By 1891 the Daimler Motor Company, owned by Steinway, was producing gas engines for tramway cars, carriages, quadricycles, fire engines and boats in a plant in Hartford, CT.

Martin Luther King’s…German origin???

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JFK, FDR, MLK. Jr., All the initials of greatness that virtually everyone learns about in school. We all know the names but did you ever wonder what exactly is in a name?

Take a fascinating two minute journey with me and learn something you might not have known about one theory about the origin of Martin Luther King Jr.’s name…