Baja California’s Off Road Warriors

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Along the Baja California Peninsula, people live and breath off roading. Here, off roading is not merely a sport. It IS life. And this time of year, check any local’s calender and there’s sure to be an off road even penciled in almost every week!

It’s hardly surprising then that the first recorded, organized off road event was held here in 1955 — in the La Paz / Cabo San Lucas area. With sponsors and cash prizes, it basically laid the path for the hundreds of off road races occurring around the world today. The sport is so big that some people spend nearly 1 million dollars on their race cars! But it’s not only a rich man’s sport, I’m told. Nearly everyone along the Baja has some type of car, truck or bike for off roading fun.

Hearing about the bone jiggling good times these guys are having in the backroads of Cabo San Lucas, I quickly bored with my Jeep when I was driving around paved Cabo during a recent trip!! So, I searched out “the man” on the Baja off road scene, Norman Cesena. He has his hands in almost every off road event. With a little shameless begging on my part, I convinced these hard-core off roaders to let me hit the dirt with them…

Get buckled in and watch this!

El Pato Rojo Off Road


The plight in flight of the TALL GUY…

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This post is inspired by a recent Sympatico article about dealing with height in standard airline seats…

I’m not the guy in this article, but this basically IS my reality every time I travel, unless I book first class…

From the Sympatico article: “A 6’9” passenger was removed from a Horizon Air flight because he didn’t fit into his assigned seat… According to the Consumerist website, the passenger was a frequent flying MD who always tries to book a seat in the exit row of the plane in order to give his legs extra room. He was unable to reserve a similar seat for this flight as they were previously booked. The passenger made several appeals to get his seat changed, on the phone and at the gate before boarding the plane. His requests were denied and he was told that his long limbs were now the flight attendants’ problem…”

READ the FULL Sympatico article about the tall guy getting kicked off of a flight!

I know EXACTLY how this guy felt!! In all of my travels, at 6’5″ I’ve gone through similar discomfort and blame far too many times myself! While I haven’t been kicked off a plane…YET, I’ve certainly been blamed for something that surely is not in my control…my long limbs!

I’m curious what your thoughts are about this? Read the article and write a comment for me below…

Damien Thomlinson Just Keeps on Inspiring

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A little over a month ago, I had the extreme honor of interviewing Damien Thomlinson — probably one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve ever met. I could go on and on…but rather than take my word for it, see the interview here:

It seems Damien never tires of inspiring others and raising awareness. So, it’s no surprise that this week he’s rallying (literally) to raise funds for another great organization.

Check out Damien’s TEAM LEGACY ASSIST FUNDRAISING EFFORTS…all the way from the land of down under!

My favorite interview ever: Interviewing “CANCER”

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Interviewing Bruce Horak, in character as “cancer” is by far one of my favorite interviews ever. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must see! A brilliant man, a brilliant act, and a profound message.


Chillin’ with INCREDIBLE ice carvers at Chateau Lake Louise

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I stopped by “Ice Magic” to watch the ice chips fly in Alberta, Canada…and to find out more about the fascinating international sport of ice carving.

Ice Carving is an intensely competitive sport. Under strict supervision and tight time-lines, teams compete.

Ice carving is done using special, and very expensive ice blocks (at $100 each). Carvers use a combination of improvised wood carving and home appliances. You must watch this! They work fast and they take their craft very seriously.

The “cool” report is here:

Pond Hockey, Getting to the roots of “The Original Hockey”

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Even though the first records of a game known as “hockey” was in the 1700s, it wasn’t until 1875 that the first organized indoor game was played. It’s a sport traditionally played on lakes or home-made backyard rinks with packed snow around the edges serving as the ‘boards.’ The first hockey “world championship” was outdoors in Montreal in 1883.

In 1892, Lord Stanley (then Governor General of Canada) donated the first Stanley Cup as a tribute to his favorite sport. Back then, it was simply an award for Canada’s top-ranking amateur ice hockey club. It was only later that it evolved into today’s iconic symbol of North American hockey achievement. In fact, for more than 20 years, Stanley Cup games were ALWAYS played outdoors.

Interesting fact:
Some 80 years ago, Alex Antoine, a “star” amateur pond hockey player drew serious NHL attention, being offered a position with the New York Rangers but declined instead preferring to play official Pond Hockey.

Before multi-million dollar contracts, player lockouts and nationwide game broadcasts, hockey was so much simpler. A few guys passing the puck on a cleared patch of ice on a lake, driven by nothing more than a pure-hearted passion for the game they’d grown up playing. This is the game — and the moment — that pond hockey brings back to the game’s most genuine fans.

Martin Luther King’s…German origin???

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JFK, FDR, MLK. Jr., All the initials of greatness that virtually everyone learns about in school. We all know the names but did you ever wonder what exactly is in a name?

Take a fascinating two minute journey with me and learn something you might not have known about one theory about the origin of Martin Luther King Jr.’s name…

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