Wow, he’s old!

Considered by many to be “the greatest composer of all time,” the man, the legend, Johann Sebastian Bach would be 326… that is, IF were still alive today. Which he’s not. So, I guess I can’t criticize his age!

BUT… his music definitely lives on!!

His music has actually reached unparalleled musical career heights! His songs have literally been launched into outer space. Astronauts on the Voyager spacecraft missions brought a selection of his songs with them, as one of the earth’s greatest treasures, saying that it made them proud to be able to show off his talents… to not only the world, but to the universe. So, for all we know, we earthlings may not be the only ones humming those timeless Bach melodies..

So, where did it all begin for Bach?

My Bach video:

Before he developed into the esteemed composer we all remember him as today, he was a devout student of music and an organist. So, I visited Bach House (known in Germany as Bachhaus) in Eisenach, Germany to learn more about this legend’s beginnings…and I even tried out one of his very special organs.