Bailey Jr. the “pet bison” just keeps giving!

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I just found out today that my Bailey footage was quite the talk at “CNN Student News” as well last November, and was featured in its November 15 news program! So, that may have partially inspired its viral nature on Facebook, with thousands of recommends and mentions. The Facebook generation! Those youngins and their techie hobbies. 🙂 But I do alright keeping up, I must say! I’ve gotten into that whole loop — with a bit of help from my Associate Producer/Editor, @TracyHETV of course…

If you are in the minority of the population that hasn’t seen the video yet, you can see it here



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The view counts keep climbing on my dog sledding video. It seems to remain a hot topic as the video has gone somewhat viral, as the video continues to be recommended on Facebook and passed around on twitter.

What are your thoughts on dog sledding?

What do YOU think about dog sledding?

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My video about dog sledding:

Having just met with an amazing musher, Sally Swan, who runs a husky rescue operation in Northern BC, I have to disagree with anyone who says that mushing, in general, is bad. While people unfortunately latch onto negative news, I’m quite sure that the actual truth is that the majority of mushers treat their dogs exceptionally well! Actually, I believe that exceptionally good (rather than bad) treatment is far more likely to be the sport’s norm.