On a bike, with BikeHike Adventures
Biking and hiking with BikeHike Adventures, across Guatemala‘s incredible Mayan landscapes, guided by the experts at BikeHike (most of whom are actually from the villages you will be passing through, providing you with a real insider’s view and perspective). In the video I produced while with BikeHike, I was able to enter a traditional Mayan home to have a meal with them. This was not done especially for me, but was customary for BikeHike’s Guatemala tour package. With BikeHike, I got a chance to see the REAL GUATEMALA. This is the Guatemala you don’t get to see if you stay in the cities, or even if you venture out of them on buses. This is the real deal, virtually only accessible by hiking and biking with locals. In the video I produced, you’ll note the incredible landscapes, people and color:
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Hotel Atitlan, Guatemala
The location of this hotel is on the shores of what has been dubbed the world’s most beautiful lake. That, in and of itself, is reason enough to visit. And you’ll truly feel like family when you stay there — as you’ll likely meet the family running this grandiose mansion hotel. And while there, I recommend taking a helicopter tour of the area (there’s also a helipad on site for VIP arrivals). If you’re in Antigua, the gorgeous sister hotel, Palacio Dona Leonor, is also worth a stay. I took a boat ride across the lake, to the beautiful little town of San Juan La Laguna.


1) Check out the World’s Most Valuable Gem in Antigua!
2) Sample some of the world’s best coffee from The Coffee and Mayan Music Museum just outside Antigua.
3) Visit the Café Arqueológico Yaxha in Flores, Guatemala — the meeting point of Mayan explorers!
4) Tour into the jungle, beyond Tikal, with local experts like Dieter Richter and friends!
5) Tour Antigua with Elizabeth Bell, the city’s proud preservationist and expert.
6) Support local initiatives like this grassroots weaver’s cooperative.


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