These lists are ever-evolving with my experiences. So, check back often!

1) Grand Solmar Land’s End, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo is a beautiful retreat, frequented by the rich and famous around the world. This resort, just opened spring 2011, is likely to become a celebrity favorite. As its title suggests, the hotel is located on “Land’s End.” That is, it is the closest hotel property to the iconic stone along Cabo’s shoreline. In fact, it’s walking distance from the hotel and most rooms have a view of it. The great management and staff could possibly be the happiest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet.  This resort will take excellent care of you, whether you’re getting treated in a beach spa cabana or sipping your Sangrias by (or in) the infinity pool. It’s a perfect place to escape from everyday life while being the lap of luxury and having every amenity imaginable at your doorstep.

2) Thornbury Castle, England
Thornbury Castle, not far outside of London, was once the residence of the larger than life King Henry the Eighth. This is my top pick because I got to REALLY live like a King, and sleep like one too, when I stayed there! You just have to see the video from my stay there!

3) Hotel Atitlan, Guatemala
The location of this hotel is on the shores of what has been dubbed the world’s most beautiful lake. That, in and of itself, is reason enough to visit. And you’ll truly feel like family when you stay here — as you’ll likely meet the family running this grandiose mansion hotel establishment. And while there, I recommend taking a helicopter tour of the area (there’s also a helipad on site for VIP arrivals) or at least a boat ride across the lake. If you’re in Antigua, the gorgeous sister hotel, Palacio Dona Leonor, is also worth a stay. I took a boat ride across the lake, to the beautiful little town of San Juan La Laguna.

4) La Cocotera EcoResort, Barra de Santiago, El Salvador
This luxurious all-inclusive resort set on the Pacific Ocean features solar energy, environmentally friendly soaps and an ionized pool. Estuary-front or beach front bungalows, hammocks aplenty, countless coconut palms, a gorgeous beach, spectacular views and an incredible pool. This place is outstanding! And while you are there, you can learn more about turtle conservation projects in the area, as I did for this video:

5) Chateau Lake Louise, Banff, Canada
Set in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet, Lake Louise, in Canada’s Banff National Park, this hotel is a destination all on its own! I stayed there while filming an international Ice Carving Festival, and the spectacular views in this video are all just steps from the hotel’s front door! (And rumor has it that this may just be William and Kate’s honeymoon destination! It certainly is world class enough!)


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