Not to be missed when in Switzerland.

1) Are you ready for ADRENALIN +++++?

Then you need to see the guys at OUTDOOR INTERLAKEN!
They offer every sort of fun, adrenalin packed adventure but some we’re sure you’ve NEVER tried anywhere else before…  like canyoning around waterfalls before taking a slide down “nature’s waterslide”… It’s a a must-do experience, and you’ll be looking back at the photos in wonder for the rest of your life! (Just make sure you let the pros do all the photography! You’ll need to focus all your energy on keeping hold of the ropes!)

2) Sleep the night in a wine barrel

Wine spends most of its time in barrels. In Trasadingen, they’ve come up with a great way for you to personally get a taste for staying a while in a barrel as these crafty proprietors have rendered old wine barrels into guest rooms. Percy tried it, as you’ll see in this video, and it looks like an incredible experience. Certainly not your standard holiday accommodation!
Be sure to consider this highly unique “hotel” if you are ever in the area!

3) Learn to YODEL

A few things come to mind right away when one imagines Switzerland, and a group of yodelers atop a mountain is one of them.
There are also thousands of yodeling clubs around the country.  If you would like to experience yodeling first hand, or even learn a few notes yourself, yodeling events taking place virtually all year, but especially during the summertime.
If you’re REALLY curious about this incredible Swiss pastime, who better to explain the tradition than the Swiss  participants themselves? Watch as a few Swiss yodlers give you an insider explanation of the art (and FUN) of yodling at the 2011 National Yodeling Championships (Jodlerfest 2011 in Interlaken).

4) Stay the night in a Tree Tent

This is truly a one-of-a-kind hotel. Nellie and her husband operate this during the summer months for a unique back-to-nature experience. Avid nature buffs themselves, they’ve made the experience as comfortable as possible with sleep for two tents strung up in the trees at various heights from near ground level to higher tree top venues.

Even if you are not ready for the overnight tree experience, but want to have a look, they have another highly unique experience on offer. They guide daily “barefoot tours” through their forest acreage.

5) Like to live like the local farmer, staying up in a Alpine shed, sleeping in the hay or in a cornfield?

Contact the good people at Wasser und Brot (Water and Bread), and they’ll get you set up with not only a highly affordable but VERY authentic experience.
Tel. +41 (0)81 681 23 40


There’s so much more to Switzerland that can possibly be listed here. So, for more inspiration, check out Switzerland’s official tourism site:

The best way to get around Switzerland: a Swiss Rail Pass http://www.raileurope.ca/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-pass/index.html


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