Not to be missed when in Slovenia.


One of the reasons it has survived this long is its bizarre resistance to the 18th century virus that wiped out most of Europe’s vines. The vine’s uncanny ability to resist this virus, along with its long roots (reaching all the way to the river) have made this one of the only vines in Europe that never required splicing with American vines. With root tests and historical documentation to back it up, it has been certified in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Oldest Vine in the World. More than 375 years old! That’s one old lady!
Maribor is also slated to be the European City of Culture 2012.

Need more convincing? This interview features Percy at the OLD VINE HOUSE:

2) Sample some Slovenian WINE!

This country has been doing wine for years, obviously, if it’s home to the world’s oldest vine! But, sadly, few outside of the region have had a chance to taste it!
Here are a couple very delicious and innovative vineyards worth the visit, should you have the chance:

3) Visit the caves and look for the “human fish”!

Huh? Exactly… but there really is a fish affectionately known as the “human fish,” and it lives in the Slovenian caves. Of course, it’s not really human…but it is strange, to the say the least. I’d love to tell you more, but I think you should simply stay tuned for the eagerly anticipated interview… The caves are other worldly themselves. Walking through them is like stepping right into a science fiction movie. It’s a wonder James Cameron hasn’t tried to do a film there!


You really have to see this castle in person. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful castles. Pictures, though nice, do not do it justice. It’s truly that beautiful.

During your visit to Bled, you may want to ring the wishing bell at the little church on the lake’s island. Anyone can ring it, but it’s ancient tradition for new brides to be carried up the 99 steps to the church so that they ring the bell for luck.  To get to the island, Slovenia’s only island (great trivia fact), you hire a Venetian style boat. Not just anyone can row you there either. You’ll be in the presence of privilege! These rowers are born into the business, literally, as the right to row on this lake is heavily restricted to those born into the select few families who have owned these rights since ancient times. Another great trivia fact!

5) Spend the night in PRISON

Yes. Prison.
This hostel/hotel has numerous very creative rooms in a building that was actually a prison during the socialism era. So, each guest room was once a former prison cell that has now been artfully rendered into a hotel room.


There’s so much more to Slovenia that can possibly be listed here. So, for more inspiration, check out Slovenia’s official tourism site:


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