These lists are ever-evolving with my experiences. So, check back often!


1) Biking and hiking with BikeHike Adventures (, across Guatemala‘s incredible Mayan landscapes. During my travels in Guatemala, I experienced the country’s incredible landscapes, people and colours (thanks to the expert guidance of BikeHike Adventures). They truly took me off the beaten track to see the country’s true wonders and beauty.

twitter: @bikehiketravel

2) Visiting El Salvador, an incredible, under-appreciated country!
While there I was literally “fire fighting” with locals in El Salvador during an annual festival, to honor their 27 volcanoes! Watch the UNFORGETTABLE experience!

3) It’s a tie between two incredible interviews, both in Alberta, Canada!
>>> Interviewing Bruce Horak, the actor/survivor behind the show,”This is Cancer.
>>> Interviewing Jim Sautner, owner of the now world famous “pet buffalo” Bailey Jr

4) Meeting the caretaker to the World’s Oldest Grapevine in Slovenia (an AMAZING country from the former Yugoslavia)

5) Dog sledding in British Columbia, Canada

6) Driving the World’s First Automobile in Germany

7) Sleeping in an Igloo in British Columbia, Canada

8) Off roading with the pros in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

9) Searching for one of the world’s deadliest snakes (a viper) in the Costa Rican jungles

10) Living like a King in an English Castle (and sleeping in the UK’s largest bed)


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