Mexico’s Best Tacos


IN RANDOM ORDER, as you’ll have to watch the video to see the results!

Ricos Tacos de Canasta
Armando knows what he’s doing after 20 years of running his Tacos de Canasta operation!
If you want to track this guy down, you might want to email him. He can pop up in a few locations around the city. We found him at his most regular spot, the Electric Store in the beautiful neighborhood of San Miguel Chapultepec (not too far from the Taco King’s Casa Conde!). If you don’t have Jacobo with you to help you find it, just ask around. Everyone in the area knows Armando and his electrifyingly good tacos!

El Faraon
Tel: 55 5254 5378

Location: Col. Polanco
(2 other locations in Mexico City)
Possibly the most impressive and fast delivery service we’ve experienced anywhere. Eat in and call for delivery. Either way, prepare your taste buds to be indulged!

El Borrego Viudo
Tel: 55 5668 2865
Location: Av. Revolución Tacubaya

These guys are flying! If you’re in a real hurry, don’t worry! They’re lightning quick with these delicious tacos. Pull in, park and you’ll be chowing down on a taco in no time!

El Villamelon
Tel: 55 1397 9918

Take in a bull show and then get personal with the not-so-lucky cattle across the road at this great taco joint!
Menu and prices

El Turix
Since 1971
Tel: 55 1989 6888
(call or email them for directions)


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