1) Customized, highly cultural tours with Journey Mexico.
Founded and directed by Zachary Rabinor, who studied ecotourism at Cornell University, this company provides the pinnacle of Mexican experiences. Seriously, if you want to really experience Mexico, you want to experience it with Zach’s company. They offer everything from fun, adrenalin packed adventures to ultra VIP experiences.

2) The incredible eco-lodges of Sierra Gorda
Staying at one of these eco-lodges in Mexico, you’ll find the Mexico you never knew existed. It’s a world away from the coastal resorts. And the best part about these eco-lodges is that the profit is staying in the community, actively helping the environment in this UNESCO recognized biosphere reserve. For a glimpse at the incredible landscapes and people in this region, watch a video I produced from the region.


Casa Conde, Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City is a vibrant, artistic city and The Casa Conde Bed & Breakfast is THE place to get tapped into that scene! Co-owner, Jacobo Braun, is actually a professional photographer…and most of his friends are international photographers and filmmakers. So, this is the place to go if you want to get to tapped into the local arts scene. And it’s in Mexico City’s most beautiful neighborhood — a couple minute walk from Mexico City’s answer to Central Park (Chapultepec Park).  And, if you’re hungry, Jacobo can take you on a “taco tour” of the city. He’s the “Taco King”!
twitter: @conde031


As long as you are in Mexico City, you should check out the following jewelry:
Tel: 55 4167.0589
The man responsible for these amazing, handcrafted silver pieces is the ONLY person in Mexico to make jewelry in this Byzantine style. He was specially trained by someone in France and is now 84 years old, with the most agile hands ever. You’ll want to check these out!


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    May 06, 2011 @ 20:56:44

    Great post guys I am glad I visited this site I will be sure to recommend my colleges to visit as well keep the good work going and I’m sure I will be back thanks.

    If you have time you can also visit this beautiful place I’ve seen:
    Hoteles En Mexico


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