Not to be missed when in Germany.

1) Visit the Mercedes Museum

You owe your modern life to it! This is where the world’s first automobile was invented!

2) Play one of Bach’s old organs at Bachhaus

This is at the house largely acknowledged as being Bach’s birth home.
Percy did just that in this video:

3) Find out about the origins of Martin Luther King Jr’s name.

Again, there’s a lot to Germany that may surprise you!
Percy uncovers what’s in a name in this great video:

4) Drive on the speed limitless autobahn (highway)

You can rent any car do this. For the most authentic experience, you should rent a great, German engineered car like the Mercedes. Cars race along these highways clocking over 120 miles per hour, easily. It’s no wonder new car performance is often tested by manufacturers along these highways. So, have fun… but just be sure to buckle up!

5) Drink some good, German beer!

You can do this just about anywhere. Just be sure you don’t do #4 after this one. Drink responsibly, as always.


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