As is the case anywhere you travel, in El Salvador, you want to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company and you simply can’t go wrong with these recommended local tour companies!

They can take care of your entire trip. The owner, Miguel, will use his incredible connections and resourcefulness to ensure you have an incredible time in El Salvador!
twitter: @EcoTurismo

Roy can arrange virtually any outdoor adventure for you, from mountain-biking to surfing and almost everything in between! He is also one of Central America’s only falconers (there are only 3 in all of Central America!), and he owns a rare hawk that makes for a fascinating falconry adventure!

FUNZEL (Fundacion Zoologica de El Salvador)

This organization is involved in turtle rescue and conservation and you can get in on the action with them!


Getting involved with turtle nesting and rescue projects at Barra de Santiaga
Watching Nejapa’s Fire Throwing Festival (annually on August 31)
Going on a hike with a former guerrilla (Suchitoto region)
Visiting coffee farms around Rutas de las Flores
Surfing at Playa El Sunzal, or one of the other La Libertad area beaches


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