Not to be missed when in Croatia.

1) Visit Dubrovnik and tour its OLD CITY!

This is one of Europe’s most beautiful ancient cities. Hands down. And it doesn’t hurt that the city walls border the sparkling azure waters of the Adriatic Sea! No wonder this town is a celebrity favorite in Europe.

And while you’re there, why not splurge and stay in the hotel with the BEST VIEW and location in town? Adriatic Luxury Hotel’s property, the Excelsior, is incredibly situated with a waterfront location and a pristine view of the Old City.

Need more convincing? This interview featuring Percy takes place on the terrace of the Excelsior:
You’ll see the view and find out a few interesting facts about Croatia at the same time!

2) Sample some Croatian WINE.

This country has been doing wine for years, but few outside of the region have had a chance to taste it. What a shame. Incredible vineyards are dotted throughout the country. There’s almost too many to keep track of, really… but here’s a great link to a blog that tries to do just that:
Percy interviewed Pavo Milicic, a Dalmatia based winemaker, and will be posting the video shortly.
More about Pavo and his delicious wines:


Yes, there’s a museum for that. In Zagreb, Croatia.
Percy is working on an interview that you’ll just have to see to believe. In the meantime, you can check out the museum’s website. The site is quite aptly!

4) Buy a TIE!

Whether you are a man or a woman, you NEED to bring back some form of a tie as a souvenir from Croatia!
After all, Croatia is where the tie was invented! Didn’t you know?

Members of the Croatian army were invited to France, and they brought with them their signature look, the red necktie. The look caught on and now everyone mistakenly thinks that the tie has French origins. So, when in Croatia, pick up a tie (or two or three…) to take back with you to help you…and please spread the work about the TRUE origins of the TIE!

5) Visit the Neanderthal Museum in Krapina

This museum is built on the site where the largest single collection of neanderthal bones was discovered.
For anyone curious about the theory of evolution, this is an incredible visit. It chronicles time from the supposed “big bang” to modern day, with a focus on the period of evolution that shaped us into homo sapiens.

There’s so much more to Croatia than can possibly be listed here. So, here are some more websites to keep you inspired!

Official Tourism site for Zagreb

Official Tourism site for Dubrovnik

Croatia National Tourist Office


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