The 007 of hotel towels?

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Pilfered hotel towels with built in tracking devices??

Apparently, hotels in Manhattan, Miami and Honolulu are sewing chips into their towels, bathrobes and sheets to curb nearly $16,000 in monthly linen losses!


Man dies after falling into pasta machine?

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Not much more I can say other than that this is a sad, sad freak accident. Poor guy.

Note to self: Don’t do a story on pasta making. Dangerous!!

A 26-year-old man is dead after he fell into a machine while working at a Toronto pasta factory on Monday.Source: More

via Anacristina79’s Blog

Bailey Jr. the “pet bison” just keeps giving!

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I just found out today that my Bailey footage was quite the talk at “CNN Student News” as well last November, and was featured in its November 15 news program! So, that may have partially inspired its viral nature on Facebook, with thousands of recommends and mentions. The Facebook generation! Those youngins and their techie hobbies. 🙂 But I do alright keeping up, I must say! I’ve gotten into that whole loop — with a bit of help from my Associate Producer/Editor, @TracyHETV of course…

If you are in the minority of the population that hasn’t seen the video yet, you can see it here

Dreaming in Cacti

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I’ve always loved Cacti. I had a chance to see a large collection just outside the town of Cabo San Lucas Mexico at a Cactus Museum. Even their plant class of “succulents” evokes a sense of the exotic. In this video story, I wanted to create a unique, creative diary featuring my interpretation of exotic colours and sound.

One of the most highly evolved species of plants in the world. Unapproachable, yet spectacularly beautiful when in their rare period of bloom.

With few exceptions, the vast majority of cacti in habitat almost always are found growing in mineral based soils.

The bodies of many cacti have become thickened during the course of  evolution. They form water-retentive tissue that is in the optimal shape  of a sphere or cylinder (combining highest possible volume with lowest  possible surface area). By reducing its surface area, the body of the  plant is also protected against excessive sunlight.

The intense psychoactive properties of some Cacti have been used by natives for ceremonial purposes for hundreds of years.

See Cactus like you’ve never seen before!


Bailey Jr, the “pet buffalo” wins a CNN AWARD!

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The award winning AND very buzz-worthy video:

Between being featured on’s front page for nearly a full day, and capturing the attention of CNN TV’s Viral Video Program, the video also caught the attention of the CNN iReport Award judging panel. From over 150,000 videos that CNN iReport Producers vetted in 2010, my video was 1 of 6 videos nominated for the CNN iReport Original Reporting Award.

On March 15 2011, I officially won the Original Reporting Award and picked up the award during an official ceremony at CNN’s SXSW Fest headquarters in Austin, Texas.

PS — did you read the previous post about it getting the attention of Jay Leno?
Not only did the video garner top attention at CNN, but it gained the attention of Jay Leno, who featured footage of Bailey Jr (the featured bison) as part of his opening monologue in December 2010. That was just the beginning as media outlets from LA to Tokyo have been scrambling to contact the featured couple for more interviews!!!


“You really captured the special essence of our story. You are accomplished professionals at what you do and any national and international publicity is a direct credit to your team, Percy, for presenting our story. I hope you know how much we appreciate your work!”
— Linda and Jim Sautner, owner of the World’s Largest Indoor Pet, Bailey the Bison Jr.

What do YOU think about dog sledding?

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My video about dog sledding:

Having just met with an amazing musher, Sally Swan, who runs a husky rescue operation in Northern BC, I have to disagree with anyone who says that mushing, in general, is bad. While people unfortunately latch onto negative news, I’m quite sure that the actual truth is that the majority of mushers treat their dogs exceptionally well! Actually, I believe that exceptionally good (rather than bad) treatment is far more likely to be the sport’s norm.

Wounded Warriors Soldiering On…on the ski slopes?

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While I was at the ski lodge there were dozens of disabled vets getting ready for their day on the slopes, with the adaptive “SOLDIER ON” sports program at Mount Washington (Vancouver Island). When I saw Damien smoothly “walk” in, I just assumed he was one of the instructors. All of a sudden he whips off both legs and starts to change into his ski gear, as he prepared to go outside and snowboard on a regular snowboard! I had to do this interview with him so that other disabled vets could see what potential remains.

My interview with Damien Thomlinson, during his week participating in the Soldier On program:

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