Sleeping in a Wine Barrel

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Lets face it, wines have been aging gracefully for centuries and in most cases they’re far better for it. In Trasadingen, Switzerland they’ve come up with a great way for you to personally test it for yourself.

Did I come out any better? I’ll let you be the judge of that, all I can say is I had a great night of sleep in it after that glass of Pinot Noir.


Slovenia really knows good, aged grapes!

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Slovenia is an amazing nation and the people there really feel the LOVE for the country’s wine (and there’s LOTS of it)!! It’s little wonder that it shares a border with Italy… and though I may not be the world’s expert on wine, I do love the stuff and I think that I “personally” prefer Slovene wine to Italian wine!

You’ll have to go visit the country to see if you agree!!

Here’s Percy’s report on The Oldest Grape Vine on the Planet! Maribor, Slovenia

Flying like Superman (almost) in Switzerland

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Body Flying in an inverted wind tunnel is an American Idea dating back to 1964 when Jack Tiffany tried it for the first time at Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Greene and Montgomery County, Ohio. It took another 15 years before a fully recreational closed system was first opened in Las Vegas where it continues operating today.

If you do try body flying anywhere you’ll be learning these important 5 techniques. Trust me, you don’t want to forget them, especially in an open air body flying system!

5 Top Tips for Open Air Body Flying:

1) RELAX but enjoy and have fun (it’s hard work at first but remember you’re having fun, unlike you, your body flying instructor has likely spent hundreds of hours to learn those fancy moves so don’t be intimidated)
2) Position with your chin up and hands and feet arched backwards
3) Land on your back which is notably the exact opposite of your natural instincts
4) Do not look down….ever or you’ll take off in an open air system and who know where you’ll land : > )
5) Watch your instructor. They’ll be communication visually with you at all times.

If you find you really love body flying, there’s even a name for you: “Tunnel Rat”

Most wind tunnels are of the enclosed type, that is, the wind recirculates back down. Subsequently the air temperature is easier to control for year round use and the energy required is significantly less. The downside though is that you don’t get quite the feeling of freedom that you do with an open system such as this one.

This one in Zurich, Switzerland operated by is very unusual because it is an open air system which provides a dramatically different experience as my video package clearly shows. The cost of operating this system along with the skills are much greater so, sadly this unique system will likely switch over to a closed system in about 3 years as the operating costs are far too high.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to body fly in the wide open you’ve got less than 3 years to pack your bags, head to Switzerland, don a flight suite and prepare for the Adrenalin rush of your life as you float high above the world, skydiving in reverse!

It’s no wonder that “Tunnel Rats” from around the world seek this facility out for it’s unique body flying experience, here in the heart of Switzerland.

CNN’s Five lodges you can’t reach by car

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This article by Katherine Dorsett of CNN is a great write-up about off the beaten track places to stay around the US. Love it!

Britian’s newest “Crown Jewels”: Official Royal Wedding CONDOM Souvenirs?

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These “condoms of distinction” apparently contain this disclaimer: “a novelty product and may not be suitable as a contraceptive or barrier against sexually transmitted diseases.”

Just read the CNN article

Fingers Crossed that my “Mayan adventures” make it into CNN’s upcoming Indiana Jones homage

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Indiana Jones for a Day in Guatemala

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Famed archaeology professor Indiana Jones is more than simply a  character. Last year, Time Magazine named him the #2 fictional character of all time!

First conceived by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as a classic action hero, Indiana Jones has grown into a  world-wide brand. A brand that signifies ultimate adventure. Since first  appearing in Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981, this khaki wearing, fudora wearing legend has become the face of theme parks in LA and Tokyo as well as novels, merchandise gallore and several sequels. And this year marks the  30th anniversary of Indiana Jone’s first legendary adventure on the big  screen.

Most young boys, and even most men, dream of calling themselves the ultimate adventurer — and I’ll admit I’m one of those dreamers! While I may not have had to battle with dark forces (like in the movies) on my recent archaeology quest in Guatemala, I did help uncover some outstanding treasures and got a little glimpse into the life of an archaeologist adventurer! In fact, the day I arrived at La Blanca, the site featured in this video, a new discovery had just been made. So, I got in on the action and climbed right into the  excavation dugout with the archaeologists at work…and what we found even solved some of the larger Mayan site’s mysteries!

My adventures start here:

My Guatemala Guide

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