The WORLD RECORD (1976) for largest Marlin ever caught by a commercial fisherman was 4500 pounds.

And did you know that Marlins are what put Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the map? This now uber-lux community, frequented by celebs, began as a little sport fishing town. And if you wander down the docks, amid the VIP yachts, you’ll notice that this little town remains a major sportsfishing hub, with some of the major fish catches daily!


While the largest marlin wasn’t caught there, the fish remains a HUGE source of pride for the community as the locals truly value the very fish that literally birthed the town and its sportfishing industry. And recently, some locals (led by Tracy Ehrenberg, GM at Pisces Sportfishing) had a life-sized replica of the WORLD’S LARGEST MARLIN made and donated to the city, as a statue in “her” mighty Marlin’s honor.

I was lucky enough to be in Cabo for the HUGE statue’s unveiling and all I can say is wow, that’d make a lot of sushi! But actually, that wouldn’t really be the case, as Cabo has a catch and release sportfishing policy so the fish are always released again once documented.