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Great article about the dilemmas so often faced by travelers!

(FYI: As a frequent flier, and as tall guy really needing the extra space, I’ve learned the true advantages of pre-selecting seats. At least then you know in advance the situation you’re in for when you get on the plane…and THE BEST seats are certainly emergency exits or up front by the bulkheads/bathrooms. Not only does this give me the most room for my height, but then there’s also enough room that I don’t have to worry about people reclining onto my laptop or disturbing me to get in and out the seat…)

Airplane Etiquette The WSJ’s weekly The Middle Seat feature last week focused on airplane etiquette, and just in time, as we prepare to head off on a trip next month. The article focused on six situations with which we are all familiar: 1. You’re in the middle seat, between two strangers. Who gets the armrests? 2. A tall man sits down and his knees jut out wide, encroaching on your space. 3. You’re in the window seat and two strangers in the middle and aisle seats … Read More

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