The Ancient Mayan World is as captivating as it is puzzling. Across Central America, the remains of  this sophisticated culture can be seen all around, with more being uncovered daily. Yet, its fairly sudden disappearance remains a largely unsolved mystery…

And Guatemala is a Mayan treasure land, with thousands of sites  registered and thousands more still buried in the jungles, yet to be  uncovered.

During a recent trip to Guatemala, I went on a Mayan site tour with Dieter Richter, a Mayan Monument Conservator (in the Peten region).
Dieter, a trained architect who has specialized in the preservation  of Mayan constructions, works tirelessly with his archaeologist and  anthropologist colleagues to uncover and preserve Guatemala’s countless  Mayan treasures.

Together, we toured the incredible site of Yaxha, so that I could learn a bit more about how he and his colleagues are unearthing the Mayan world and solving its countless mysteries.

PS – You truly will be surprised how YAXHA is pronounced!