I’ve always loved Cacti. I had a chance to see a large collection just outside the town of Cabo San Lucas Mexico at a Cactus Museum. Even their plant class of “succulents” evokes a sense of the exotic. In this video story, I wanted to create a unique, creative diary featuring my interpretation of exotic colours and sound.

One of the most highly evolved species of plants in the world. Unapproachable, yet spectacularly beautiful when in their rare period of bloom.

With few exceptions, the vast majority of cacti in habitat almost always are found growing in mineral based soils.

The bodies of many cacti have become thickened during the course of  evolution. They form water-retentive tissue that is in the optimal shape  of a sphere or cylinder (combining highest possible volume with lowest  possible surface area). By reducing its surface area, the body of the  plant is also protected against excessive sunlight.

The intense psychoactive properties of some Cacti have been used by natives for ceremonial purposes for hundreds of years.

See Cactus like you’ve never seen before! http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-581646