The award nominated AND very buzz-worthy video can be viewed here.

We have a pretty good track record at guessing what’s going to make a great report.

In fact, we were fairly sure that with our Bailey Jr. report, we were going to hit one out of the park. And indeed, that’s what we did.

But we’re still quite happy with how things turned out. 🙂

We sent it to CNN in November 2010.

It was featured on the front page of for nearly a full day.

It was mentioned on CNN News and then various other tv presenters/programs.

Thousands of people shared the video on Facebook!!!

The video went viral and was mentioned on CNN’s Viral Video program (see it here)

A few of the other publications/programs that mentioned the buffalo directly after our interview aired: NBC, ABC, HUFFINGTON POST, E! ONLINE

Jay Leno’s researcher called us directly to get permission to use our footage on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and in December 2010, Jay Leno did use footage and the featured buffalo was pictured and mentioned on Jay Leno.

Animal Planet and have since visited and interviewed the family.

THEN… in February 2011, I was nominated for A CNN Award for this pet buffalo interview!!

Because of our video, Bailey Jr., the pet bison, has truly become world famous.