Living Large. The lifestyles of the “Rich and Famous.” Partying like a rock star. For hundreds of years — all through history, in fact — It’s always been the same ol’ story. Privileged Royalty are constantly doing things up BIG.

How big?

I recently stayed at Thornbury Castle, not far outside of London, and discovered exactly how large King Henry the Eighth once liked to live. I literally “lived like a King” for a day — wining, dining, and staying in the the king’s old tower suite. Heck, I even slept in the very bed that King Henry once collapsed into at the end of his days.

And it was the bed that said it all. Size apparently really does matter when you are a King, and King Henry the Eighth’s bed brings new meaning to the phrase “king-sized.” It’s one of the world’s largest beds and you have to see it to believe it. Oh and you won’t want to miss seeing King Henry’s take on a “Royal Flush” either.