This little toddler is barely 2 years old and still growing! He’s currently a wee 1600 pounds (at last weighing).

The Sautners have raised “little Bailey Jr.” since he was mere weeks old. When you see them interacting with Bailey Jr. in and around their house (oh yes, he goes in their house!) Bailey Jr’s “cuddly” demeanor will have you wondering if Bailey Jr isn’t part pet dog after all.

Officially, Bailey Jr. has become the Ambassador for the Bison Association in his home province of Alberta, Canada and he’s become quite the local celebrity around Alberta, making various PR appearances. However, the Sautners have far reaching ambitions for Bailey Jr. They would like to take him to exotic places like the Great Wall of China. The great (and so far unbroken) wall of china that is their home’s china cabinet just doesn’t cut it!.

Before you go out and look for a bison at your local pet shop though, know that Jim Sautner is what is called a “buffalo whisperer.” It is through his rare connection with this animal and his very patient but focused training practices that he has been able to raise a bison as a pet. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!